3a. Water has turned bright green. 

Green water is a very common problem especially in ponds and fresh water aquaria that receive a lot of sunlight.  Welcome to the wonderful world of algae blooms.

I'm constantly getting frantic calls about this from new pond and aquarium owners.  As troubling as it may appear it really isn't a problem at all.  Single cell free floating algae has bloomed to a point of turning the water column green.

Adding a Ultra-Violet Sterilizer will clear the problem up within a week.  I've never seen a light green algae bloom hurt the livestock but I can't imagine the fish actually enjoy swimming in it.  Some algae blooms are deadly but these are usually a darker blue/green or red.

UV Sterilizers may seem expensive but considering the alternatives; algaecides, flocculants, enzymes,,, UV's are a bargain, saving your precious time and sanity, guaranteed!

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