Got a problem?  Help for common ailments can be found here. 

      Fish Symptoms:
   Fish dying for no apparent reason. Read this first!
2.   Fish have stopped eating.
3.   Fish are covered in small white spots.
4.   Fish has a cottony growth on one fin or body part.
5.   Fish have cottony growths on many fins and body.
6.   Fish are scratching on rocks and twitching fins.
7.   Fish look slimy, covered with white slime.
8.   Eyes are cloudy.
9.   One or both eyes are bulging out.
10. A fish has suddenly separated itself, hanging in the upper corner of the tank.
11. Many fish are labored in their breathing and seem to be surfacing often.
12. Fish seem to have lost the ability to swim properly, floating too fast, sinking quickly.

      Aquarium Oddities:
1a. Water is discolored or milky white.
2a. The aquarium has a foul odor, gravel/decor has fuzzy white growths.
3a. Water has turned bright green. 
4a. You've just worked on your aquarium or pond and now you're feeling sick!

If you have a problem and didn't find the answer here, send me an e-mail and I'll do my best to help.  Then I'll post your questions with possible answers so it can help others.  This page will be updated often.