9. One or both eyes are bulging out.

A horrific case of Pop-Eye and spinach isn't going to help this sailor.  Pop-eye can effect one or both eyes of a fish and there could be many reasons for this disorder.  Traumatic injury, parasitic infestation, tuberculosis bacterial infections, viral infections, genetic defect or even ingested air (gas bubble disease).  Unfortunately there isn't much you can do to help at this point.  In 60% of the cases I see the fish heals itself; although the eye may forever be misshapen, the overall quality of life doesn't seem to be effected.

Gas bubble disease can resemble pop-eye but is a totally different problem.  This is caused by un-dissolved gasses (very fine bubbles) in the water column usually from faulty filtration or poor water quality during water changes.  Fix the problem by removing the gasses in the water.  A pin hole or loose fitting in one of the filter's return lines is a good place to look.  Gas bubble disease can show on all parts of the fish but most people only notice it when it effects the eyes. Once the gas is removed from the water column the fish can usually reabsorb the gasses and heal themselves.  Maintain Your Tanks!

Pop-eye could very well be tuberculosis.  Care should be taken when handling fish as this is transmittable to humans via open wounds.  Check out the "fish to human" transmittable  disease page located in Support under "Aquarium Oddities", number 4a.

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