11. Many fish are labored in their breathing and seem to be surfacing often.

Fish surfacing and gasping for air is a problem that dictates immediate attention.  In aquariums this can indicate: a lack of oxygen, a massive sudden drop or increase of PH, ammonia spikes, over-heating of the water, a toxic contamination of the water or surface tension change.  You'd be surprised at how much damage a little baby oil contamination can do to the inhabitants of your tank. 

Ponds can suffer from oxygen depletion at different times of the year.  Rotting excess detritus, temperature changes, toxic contamination, water super-cooling during the winter, large amounts of rainfall, pesticides, fertilizers, the list goes on and on.  Without actually investigating the situation it's difficult to diagnose.

Check your pumps and filtration equipment to make sure they're running properly and perform a water change ASAP!  If the fish don't respond to a water change you need to look for possible contaminates and as always, check the PH and ammonia.

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