12. Fish seem to have lost the ability to swim properly, floating too fast, sinking quickly.

Fish have swim bladders.  These bladders fill with air to increase or decrease buoyancy allowing the fish to float at different depths.  Swim bladder disorders are very common especially in ornamental goldfish.  Bacteria, fungal spores, genetics, nutrition and inbreeding.  These can't be ruled out and finding the true cause of the disorder requires a biopsy.  Needless to say its a serious problem. 

Excess gas ingestion can also effect the fish's ability to float properly.  Whenever you see a fish struggling to swim, stop feeding, improve the water quality, and hope for the best. 

I have one client who had an Oranda that could only swim upside down and lived for 6 years upside down.  Unfortunately there was a power failure that lasted for 2 days, while the rest of their goldfish could surface and consume oxygen from the atmosphere, this poor Oranda couldn't.  If not for that power failure I think the fish would still be alive today.

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