5.  Fish have cottony growths on many fins and body.

Without actually seeing the fish, this is a tough one to diagnose.  It is most likely a fungal infection but it could be a systemic bacterial infection or even tuberculosis.  So for now, lets talk about fungus.

Fungal spores are always present in aquaria but only attack fresh water fish when they're damaged or stressed.  Fungus is usually a secondary infection caused by traumatic injury or poor water quality.  There are exceptions as some strains of fungus are highly contagious and can actively exist in the even the healthiest of aquariums.

Fungus is a cottony growth shown only on fresh water fish and should be dealt with immediately.  Get out your bucket and clean your tank!  Poor water quality is the number one reason that fish are inflicted with fungal infections.   Salting the aquarium, one half cup per twenty gallons should be enough to rid your fish of fungus.  Use only non-iodized salt and cross your fingers. 

Fungus and bacterial infections can look very similar.  If after five days of salting the aquarium the fish still show signs of fungus, you have a bit of a problem.  Continue to the next symptom.

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