We are a full service aquatic care company.  From the design and management of the most technical aquariums to pond installation and restorations.  We do it all.  We do it best.

Honest Reliable Experienced Professional
Design Construction Management Service

I have devoted my entire working career to the design, construction, and maintenance of all phases of the aquarium hobby.  With over 20 years in the business I've learned most aspects of the pet industry and have personally tested many of the products available today.  To me, this isn't just a career or business, it's my first love.   I honestly love what I do and would like to thank all my loyal customers for their continued patronage and allowing me a truly wonderful life.

Aquarium Services:

From the initial design concept, stocking with rare and unusual species, aquascaping, cabinetry, livestock warranties, relocations, and monthly maintenance; we handle anything and everything   that has to do with aquariums.  Our design abilities are unsurpassed and we are constantly working with new mediums to provide you with the best possible aquarium. 
Aquarium restorations is something I get calls for on a weekly basis.  It seems that a lot of people receive inaccurate advice and run into major problems.  We fix most problems on the first visit.  If your thinking about installing an aquarium or already have one, we are your source for honest help.  Fresh-water, salt-water, and reef. 24 hour emergency service.

Pond Services:

A well designed pond should run continuously with very little maintenance.  Unfortunately now a days there are many mass produced pond kits being marketed solely to landscapers to increase their profits.  Once the pond is installed they don't return when you have a problem or they're unprepared to deal with the problem.  This should never happen.  Ponds are fantastic additions to your life and should never be stressful.  Before you install a pond it would be in your best interest to contact me.  I understand ponds and water quality issues.  All my ponds are designed to run with minimal maintenance and maximum enjoyment.  Pond design, installations, restorations, stocking, we do it all.

Livestock Husbandry:

With my extensive knowledge of species specific husbandry and water quality care we can help with any problem you have.  Over the years I've helped public aquariums, zoo's, fish farms, aquarium store owners, food services, wholesale operations, and of course the general public. 

Insane Designs:

Want to turn your staircase into a waterfall?  How about a glass floor with fish under your feet?  We've done that!  I love a challenge and have done some very neat projects that other companies wouldn't touch.  If you imagine it, we can do it.

Informational Services:

Occasionally I'm asked to give lectures regarding ponds and aquariums.  While this is something I do not promote, I have done many pond and aquarium specific speeches.  I accept very few of these a year and consider them on a case by case basis.


Aquariums and ponds are dynamic and each is very different from the next.  Unlike many other companies I do not charge by the hour.  With experience comes familiarity; what might take other companies hours may only take me minutes.  Monthly aquarium maintenance charges are all inclusive; meaning no extra charge for "materials" like salt, additives or medications.  Find out what it's like to deal with an honest contractor, call for a consultation.

That's me, David Bishop doing what I do best, mucking around in ponds or aquariums.

Pump installation.

Dropped the van keys...again.

Aerator-heads installed... found the keys!

We are now accepting clients in  the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas of Pennsylvania.

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