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The design of the aquarium is what separates the mundane from the magnificent.  Personally I find decorating and design the most enjoyable part of aquarium ownership.  I've been called the "Michelangelo of Aquariums" and take great pride in all my designs, no two are ever the same.



180 Gallon South American fresh water aquarium located in a commodity trader's office.  Inhabitants include a 16" Silver Arowana, 10" Frontosa, 8" Parrot cichlids, 6" Gold Severums, 12" Tin Foil Barbs, 11" Lukanini, 9" Archer, 11" Baracuda, and multiple catfish.  Big fish for a bullish broker!

Custom Paludarium.  A Paludarium is a habitat that incorporates areas of land and water which allows growing areas for both aquatic and terrestrial plants.  This slice of nature was created using one pane of glass bonded to a EPDM liner which sits inside a closet opening.  Sometimes I even amaze myself!

90 Gallon Aquarium converted into an educational wet-land habitat.  The Tisdale School in Ramsey New Jersey asked for an aquarium that will help teach their elementary students about wet-lands.  Inhabitants include snails, crayfish, and Killies.   When you push a button on the cabinet, it rains.  Yes, it rains.

Fresh-water tanks are great additions to any room.  Contrary to popular beliefs, FW-fish are very colorful and quite personable.

Notice how my tanks show no visible signs of filtration or equipment.  I use only high quality, fish-safe silk plants and natural stone in my fresh-water aquaria.  My design philosophy has remained the same:  Keep it natural, keep it simple.  If it doesn't swim or look organic, hide it.  Call or email for a consultation.  Enjoy life...Naturally!



{Fresh-Water}  {Salt-Water}  {Reef-Tank}  {Pond}

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