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Reef aquariums are extremely popular.
Unfortunately so are shoddy products and unscrupulous dealers.

Reef tanks are also expensive!  Thousands of
dollars can easily be spent on corals, additives, and fish only to watch them die due to poor advice or improper care.  Literally flushing money down the toilet.

With all the products and different advice out there, who can you trust for honest advice?

If designed correctly,
I consider reef-aquaria the easiest of all tanks
to keep.  If managed properly, reef animals
grow like weeds.

High-powered lighting, strong water currents, and good "live rock" are the three main things needed for a successful reef aquarium.  If you have these three ingredients, you can grow corals in a bathtub.

I'm always getting calls from reef aquarium owners who have problems due to a poorly designed set-up.  Most of the problems are fixed in one visit and combined with proper management, their problems are gone forever.


Before you purchase a reef tank contact me for a free consultation.  I'll work within your budget and advise you on the best possible set-up for your wants and needs.  Enjoy life...Naturally!



{Fresh-Water}  {Salt-Water}  {Reef-Tank}  {Pond}

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