One thing that I insist on is honesty.  I've been in this business for a long time and I know finding an honest, knowledgeable store in this crazy hobby can be difficult.  In the Lehigh Valley there are two choices.  For general pet supplies- fresh water - small animals - foods and dry goods is Affordable Pet Center in Northampton Pa.



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Does your dog have an itch?  Is your Uromastyx acting a bit spastic?

Amazing prices, friendly service, and HONESTY.






Disclaimer: While David Bishop and above mentioned stores work closely together to bring the public the finest products, design, and service available, it should be noted that they are two totally separate entities. I have not been compensated for placing this review on my web space. I call it like I see it, no B.S., just facts. If you're shopping anywhere else, you're wasting your time, sanity, and money.

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