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Salt-water requires patience.  Let's track the progress of a typical installation from
day one.

Day one: Installation


A little cloudy!

150 gallon salt-water fish-only aquarium on the 3rd day after set-up.  Crystal clear.

It seems that everyone wants a salt water aquarium but remember, proper design and management are crucial for success.  Filtration, decor, water movement, lighting, and inhabitants all need to work together to form a true biological ecosystem.

After 5 weeks of nothing but decor and 6 little damsel fish in the aquarium, its first "real" inhabitants are added.  I tell all my salt-water clients the same thing:  The most important thing you need for a successful salt-water aquarium is proper design and PATIENCE.

As with all of my aquariums, you'll notice no filtration equipment showing in the design.  Live rock, natural substrate, and synthetic corals all come together to make a happy, healthy, and absolutely gorgeous aquarium. If your salt-water tank is designed correctly, caring for it isn't much more difficult than a fresh water system.

12 weeks after the initial set-up, more fish are added to the aquarium.  This Sail-fin Tang isn't just beautiful, he's management.  Because they graze all day, certain Tangs are great at keeping undesirable algae in check.

All aquariums are works in progress, constantly changing and evolving.  I'll add more to this page as it progresses and time allows.  If your ready to take the salt-water plunge, contact me for a  consultation.  Enjoy life...Naturally!



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