The day's are shorter, it's getting a little nippy, this can only mean one thing: Time to winterize the ponds!

A well winterized pond.  Pond netting is covering the entire pond keeping the falling leaves out.  In this application life was easy.  Being the pond is near a fence the netting forms a tent and all the leaves roll right off it.  The aquatic plants have been cut back and wheat germ based food is being used.
The UV-sterilizer has been removed and the filters were cleaned one last time.  A floating heater is installed and will be plugged in when needed.  This Fall maintenance will keep the pond happy, healthy, and clean all winter long.

Get your ponds cleaned and netted now!  A dirty pond over the winter will ensure you problems in the spring. A well designed pond easily runs all winter while poorly designed ponds just run into major problems during winter months. 
Pond-kit waterfalls leaking from ice-damning, super-cooling, pumps burning out, and fish deaths are just a few of the problems I get calls for on a weekly basis.  Trust me, it's no fun fixing a pond when it's 28F outside and snowing.  Preparing the pond now will make your (and my) life easier!

All pond fish should be eating spring & fall or a wheat germ based food.  This low protein based food is a necessity at this time of year.  Once the water temperature drops to 50F feeding must stop all together.  All my clients are on a care list and receive a "stop feeding" phone call when the time is right.


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